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Buying Diamond Engagement Rings and Jewelry

Buying a diamond is an important purchase, often used to celebrate an important event. Although engagement rings can certainly be made of almost any gem, by and large diamonds are the most popular choice of gems for engagement rings. When considering the purchase of an engagement ring or any other piece of diamond jewelry it is important to consider several different aspects.

First, the cut of the diamond must be considered. Although the diamond cut is often associated with the shape of the diamond, the cut actually refers to the proportions of the diamond and not the shape. This means the uniformity of all facets of the diamond as well as the depth. These characteristics control many features of the diamond including durability and brilliance. Because of this a good cut is an extremely important consideration in the selection and purchase of a diamond. If a diamond does not have a good cut it won’t carry that famous sparkle for which diamonds are known.

The width and depth of the diamond cut can have a tremendous impact on the quality of the diamond, particularly the reflection of light in the diamond. A shallow cut is not as desirable in many cases because the light will be lost in the diamond as it travels through the bottom of the cut. A diamond with this cut will often seem lifeless and not have much sparkle or brilliance. On the other hand, if the cut is too deep, the light will escape out the sides and much of the diamond will appear to be dark. Symmetry is also important to ensure all the facets of the diamond will achieve the best light reflection.

When shopping for an engagement ring or any other type of diamond jewelry for that matter, it is also important to consider the shape of the diamond. There are actually many different shapes to choose from. Round diamonds are very popular; however, if you are shopping on a budget it might be important to consider the fact that some other shapes can actually look larger even if they are the same weight as a round diamond. A few of these shapes include oval, marquise and pear shaped. Another shape to consider if you would like setting that will make the diamond look larger is a pave setting. In this setting very small diamonds are actually set together so that it looks like a larger surface of one continuous diamond.

It is also important to consider whether you would like a single stone or possible side stones. Generally speaking, side stones do not make the main stone look any larger but it can provide extra brilliance to the overall ring.

The setting should also be considered. In a bezel setting, the rim will completely encircle the stone. When a white gold or platinum setting is used the diamond can also look larger. The most common setting is known as the prong or claw setting. This is particularly popular for engagement rings. Typically three or more prongs are used to form a sort of basket for the gem. When considering a prong setting it is important to take into fact that while prong settings are often less expensive, there is less protection offered for the diamond than with other settings. Prong settings also have a tendency to snag on clothing.

Finally, be sure to give some thought to the type of metal you would like for the jewelry. Yellow gold is popular; however, there are also many other choices such as platinum and white gold. Be aware that platinum, while very durable, is also more rare and subsequently usually more expensive.
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